DIY Christmas decoration on a budget

Being on a fairly tight budget I eat a lot of pasta and go through an embarrassing abundance of spaghetti sauce jars. When I was taking out my trash one day I realized that the glass jars are actually quite pretty under the label. So I decided to keep a few, unsure what to do with them.

Yesterday, while searching for a nice bowl to put nuts in when I realized I could use one of the jars.

This is how I turned a sauce jar into a decorative holiday piece:

Step 1: Eat a delicious pasta dinner with your favorite sauce.

Step 2: Wash the left over sauce, and smell, out of the jar.

Step 3: Remove the label. Soak the jar in hot water and the label will start to peel off by itself. There will still be some glue residue that you can scrub off with a wire sponge.

Step 4: Fill it with something festive! Growing up my mom always had nuts and nutcrackers in beautiful dishes around the house during the holidays, so I decided to fill my jar with nuts. But you could put anything in it .

And voila! You have a pretty, cheap holiday decoration.


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