About Elizabeth

Currently, I work as a creative coordinator for NBCUniversal’s Content Innovation Agency. We are an in-house creative marketing and advertising agency within NBC that oversees the development and execution of multi-network, multi-platform integrated marketing, media and content solutions for advertisers. Under the umbrella of Advertising Sales at NBCUniversal, our group works on client-facing brand platform and messaging, as well as over all strategy, for internal and external clients. Our group also produces NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment’s Upfront campaign and event.

Previously I was a graphics producer on The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell Reports. I am a former NBC Page, former editor-in-chief of The Daily Campus and former UConn journalism student.

I started this blog to share my ramblings on media and my adventures in it. I am interested in all forms of media, specifically digital and new media, as well as broadcast journalism.

You may occasionally stumble upon other musings I care to share, such as DIY projects, recipes I have tried and articles that strike my fancy.

Surreal moments: Articles written about me

5 tips for reporting mega-huge stories like March Madness” by Dan Reimold, USATODAY College

Podcast: UCONN Daily Campus Editor Breaks Down Paper’s Digital-First Final Four Coverage” by Dan Reimold, College Media Matters

The Daily Campus board selects new executive editors” by Kim Wilson, The Daily Campus

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Mansfield Patch blog 

I also love coffee. A lot.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions.

-Elizabeth F. Crowley


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