Oh, January 1st. The one day we all reflect on the past year (often
wallowing in our failures) and make bold proclamations to change everything in the coming year (often lofty and extreme resolutions but with good intentions.) After all, who amongst us doesn’t hope to be better in the new year, however “better” is defined?

It is my general opinion that resolutions can, and should, be made through the year. They don’t happy 2016need to be bound by a calendar. Self-improvement is important, as is the self-reflection that urges people to improve. Nevertheless, upon reflection of my year I’ve hopped on the bandwagon, deciding to make a bold, potentially lofty resolution in hopes of being better in 2016.

I’ve resolved to commit an act of kindness every day for one year. 365 days of kindness big or small, planned or unplanned, elaborate or simple.

While I believe I am a kind person, I think I could make a more concerted effort to spread kindness. Sometimes I find myself completely caught up in the stresses of my life, carried away by the impatient pace of the city. It’s those times when I’m disappointed by my lack of compassion toward others and the ease of which I overlook those in need.

My goal this year is to be kind to at least one person each day, with the hope that the acts of kindness spark a chain reaction that is carried out by others. I hope to make people smile, brighten people’s days, send good vibes into the world, and make myself focus on others rather than on myself.

Since it is a pretty unanimous feeling that New Year’s resolutions are difficult to keep for a full year I’ve decided to blog about my efforts to keep myself honest. I’ll be posting about my resolution on social media with #Kind365 for anyone who wants to follow along.

Wish me luck!